Geoparc Gorge Bletterbach – A natural monument at the foot of the Monte Corno in southern South Tyrol

Geoparc Gorge Bletterbach – A natural monument at the foot of the Monte Corno in southern South Tyrol

The Bletterbach Gorge – a canyon not as well-known as its “big brother” in America, but definitely worth a visit. In this geologically interesting gorge you can experience “live” the structure and origin of the Dolomites – better than in any textbook. When the Monte Corno was still by the sea, or even slightly lower (about 200 million years ago), corals, shells and snails were already working on our main attraction, the Bletterbach Canyon.

It’s an unforgettable experience, walking along the creek, while to your left and right 20-meter porphyry walls are towering. An excursion through this canyon is a great experience not only for geologists, but also for nature lovers. Three huge rock layers form this mighty, geological amphitheatre: at the bottom, the porphyry (quartz rock), which is unique in the Alps; slightly higher the sandstone – a sedimentary – with coal and gypsum formations; and even higher the dolomite (a limestone). The further you walk up along the gorge, the more fossils you’ll find. Discover this unique natural spectacle and be impressed. You may explore the Bletterbach together with a group and your hiking guide will be happy to reveal many interesting facts. From Lahneralm or Redagno to Taubenleck, continue over the Butterloch to Gorz and back to the starting point.

Infopoints: Visitors Center and Geo Museum

The visitors centre Geoparc Bletterbach is located right at the entrance of the gorge, just below Lahneralm in Aldino, and displays the processes that have originated the various types of rocks of the gorge. Here, interested visitors may discover interesting facts about the climate, the life and environmental conditions millions of years ago. The centre also hosts some fossils found in the gorge.
In geological museum in Redagno, you may discover a variety of different fossils, such as dinosaur tracks, fossilized fish, seashell and plants. They are witnesses of life on earth 250 million years ago.

Geoparc Bletterbach

Geoparc Bletterbach

Visitors Center

Lerch 40
39040 Aldino – Italy
Tel.: +39 0471 886946
Fax: +39 0471 886282
E-Mail: info(at)

Open from April 29 until November 4, every day from 9.30 am until 06.00 pm

Geo Museum Redagno

Casa Peter Rosegger
Redagno di Sopra
39040 Aldino- Italy

Information: +39 0471 887175


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